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Mardi Samira


Mardi Samira is a professional bellydancer, choreographer and teacher who started her bellydance career in 1990

She has studied with some of the great masters of Belly Dance, attending dance workshops with Ibrahim Farrah, Mo Geddawi, Aisha Ali, Aida Nor, Ashraf Mahdy, Tereska, and Keti Sharif. As part of the understanding of the dance she has also studied Middle Eastern Tabla and Zgates with percussion master Nasser Selimi.

Presently Mardi has her own Bellydance School, Beaches Belly Dance, in Cairns, Australia, and has been teaching for 10 years. Mardi has also developed the Professional Wavedancers and Bellilishus Dance Troupes. In her school she uses the A to Z method extensively.

Mardi Samira


Nasser is a master percussionist who has played professionally for 22 years in clubs, cabarets and shows. He has toured throughout Europe, USA, South America and the Middle East. Nasser has performed with many great artists including Gypsy Kings, Shirley Bassey, Gloria Gayor and Alabina. He has also recorded numerous movie soundtracks and 11 CDs with Jamil Allam, who is one of the world's leading Arabic singers, and was special guest star with the National French Orchestra. Nasser currently teaches master classes in Oriental Rhythms, Jazz and Latin percussion, at the Puteaux Music School in Paris and I.A.C.P.S.I.M. in France. His latest CD was released in Australia in August. Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to learn from one of the leading percussionists in this field.

Mardi Samira


Redbird is one of Beaches Professional Belly Dance teachers. Razi is a professional dancer and member of The WaveDancers, dance company.

Razi has a background in Modern, Classic, Ethnic and Tribal dance. She has been dancing with Beaches Belly Dance for 5 years, previously dancing in California for Coffee Houses & Gypsy Caravans. Razi is an experienced costume designer. She has been teaching Beginners Bellydance for 3 years.