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Master Percussionist Nasser Selimi
Percussion Lessons
With Nasser
  • Afro-Cuban -Bongos & Congas-
  • Middle Eastern -Tabla & Duf-
  • Drum Kit
  • Beginners to Advanced
  • Adults and Children
  • Private Lessons
  • 8 week courses

Nasser Selimi is an accomplished and polished musician, now based in Cairns, far north Queensland, Australia.

Nasser Selimi

Hailing from a musical family where his father was also an accomplished Middle Eastern percussionist, Nasser found his passion for music early in life.

Nasser began playing in clubs, cabarets, shows and orchestras at the age of 22 and has since gone on to become an international entertainer, appearing in concerts, accompanying and performing alongside many well known artists.

During his broad career, he has toured throughout Europe, USA, South America and the Middle East with international artists and performed at the Moulin Rouge in France. Specialising in Latin rhythms, Nasser worked with Salsa artists and co-founded his own musical group, Sabor a Son.

His musicianship and mastery of his instruments are highly regarded and appreciated in the music industry, and have enabled Nasser to work continuously as a concert and session musician for many years.

His album credits include Gypsy Kings, Khaled, Alabina and Chebba Zahouania, and he has recorded 7 CDs with Jamal Allam, one of the world's leading Arabic singers. His session work also included recording for advertisement soundtracks including Coca Cola, Peugeot, Kelloggs, television shows and numerous movie soundtracks.

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As a teacher of percussion at the Puteaux Music School in Paris, France, Nasser has introduced many young children to the joy of music and rhythms, some of whom have gone on to a professional career in music and performance. He also conducts master classes in Jazz and Latin percussion and Oriental Rhythms at both Puteaux Music School in Paris and I.A.C.P. and S.I.M in France.

Nasser's 30 year career is driven by his passion for Latin and Middle Eastern percussion. In pursuing that passion, he has collaborated with like-minded artists and associates to produce a modern world music fusion.

In 2001, Nasser was invited to join other leading artists as a special guest on ethnic percussion with the French National Orchestra (Orchestre National De France) in a commemorative performance for the 200th anniversary of 'F-te de la Musique'.

Nasser emigrated to Australia under a Distinguished Talent Visa, gaining permanent residency in April 2008.

During the times he is not teaching students or performing, Nasser continues to work as a freelance percussion musician.